From the Director's Desk

We welcome your, presence in our institution. We create a dynamic and creative atmosphere o education and social activities. Which inspires the children to search a new and higher ways of life on the path of progress. The best institute teaches us that success is not question of luck or genius; it depends entirely on your will power, self confidence and indomitable determination.

Our aim of education is to build your child a talented confident. Strong willed and beautiful minded citizen. we always give you new concepts in the field of education for the well fairness of your child. We promote students in the field of education, and other regular school programmed like games and sports, celebration of National-festival's and cultural programmed.

We will never stop or take break in the ways of improvement because we believe that the path of improvement never ends. I am happy to inform you that G.V.M. Convent school is running successfully in your city by the proper guidance and support of teachers and management.The school is trying its best performance for the development of your child. Teachers, arid all other staff give their best duty for the bright and golden children and school also.

Today we are going on the way of progress with our aim in the field of education. Now we can say, that day is not for when our children will become a' recognized and good civilian with their higher position in the society. Then our motto must be proved true.i.By this way of education we, create a creative and dynamic society irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

GVM Convent School Director Basti

With best compliment & Always with you

Mr. Santosh Singh

From the Principal's Desk

A school, which believes that every‚ÄĘchild is a genius. "Knowledge is like a (key well fed by perennial spring, and your mind is the bucket that you drop into it You will get as much as you can assimilate. keying these golden words in mind the GVM Convent School, Bast i enables its students to imbibe, the true essence of knowledge. GVM convent school, in a short time, has come to be recognized as premier institute imparting education to young children.

Knowledge is designed for salutation, for the development of the souls best, the tittle children in the GVM Convent School are provided with an absolutely affable and' _home-like environment, where we focus on refinement of their mind and enhancement of their investigative and-analytical-faculties. Both the curriculum and teaching and methods are knowledge oriented- and practical application is preferred to mere academics.

The objective of the school is to equip the students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become worthy citizens of free India, to zealously guard and- retain its noble traditions and make progress in a modern scientific way. The school tries to develop qualities of initiative and leadership in students who are disciplined and' have an educated mind and spirit and. hence are best suited to serve their country, best fitted lead- others and are best equipped to fulfill their own dreams and desires.

GVM Convent School Principal Basti

Mr. Vijay Luxmi Singh